About Us

The origin of our company dates back to 1890, when Angiolo Bonelli, who produced plants and flowers, started to produce olive trees by grafting the varieties on the wild tree originated from the seed.

This kind of procedure led Pescia to become the most important center in Italy and Europe for the production of olive trees in nurseries.

Later on, 45 years ago, the nurseymen in Pescia started to experiment olive tree reproduction in nebulization nurseries, in which olive trees from cutting were put to take root in the already existing varieties.

With this method they were able to market both olive trees from cutting procedures and from grafting procedures.

Plastic and earthenware vases took the place of the traditional earth sod enveloped in straw, by simplifying growing methods, transport and handling of the product.

The nurserymen associated with CORIPRO - OLIVE TREES OF PESCIA select for decades the most important Italian and Mediterranean cultivars to produce an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality and the best table olives. Mother plants maintained in its nurseries offer a variety and productive material that is a guarantee appreciated all over the world.

Statement by the Plant Protection Service of Tuscany Region.
Results of the Xylella fastidiosa monitoring.

Minutes No. 01 Code PT/09/5161
Issued on 30.01.2016 by the Plant Health Service Region of Tuscany